Black Tie Elephant Video, new computer

Heya, people. I'm graduating this week (assuming I pass all my classes) and it feels pretty weird. Rather than get all nostalgic and sappy on you, here's a clip from Big Soup 2:

Pineapple Slices
Black Tie Elephant (B. Finucane, F. Toosi, R. Barua)
Featuring Drums, Bass, Cello, Typewriter, Keyboard
Click to download/watch (wmv)

also I got a new laptop. it is pretty sweet. this means no more wrapping hard drives in newspaper and taking it on a plane!

beethoven says:

that clip is so awesome! you are one talented giraffe. drums AND keyboards! whoo! i do miss all the dorito nugget arguing on the main page though.... i'll just check the archives...

joehomework says:

more more more! That clip was hot. Watching it in the lab at school, kids were feelin it. Keep up the good work... and congratulations on graduating from the ole' youeyeyousee. Someday I hope to do that too.

zirafa says:

ah veteran child! good to hear from you again. thanks for the kind words.

baruatron says:

veteranchild - only met you once or twice in a parking lot, but the support means tons from such the aficionado...hopefully the full set can be digitized and then posted by jeeraffah?

ps - grainger is lonely at 7am. it's so cold my nose is freezing/wish i was hangin with farsheezin/when i study i want to go hoooome.

beethoven says:

ha ha! BTE cover of zirafa!!!!!

beethoven says:

congratulations buddy!

this is you:

beethoven says:

this is you when you sold your soul to the devil:

Outlandish says:

You're a G-D inspiration, man. What's next? Cheers and salutations on graduation.