Bad Haircut.

Living alone after you've graduated has it's ups and downs. On the upside, you pretty much get to plan and scheme whatever projects you want to do. On the downside, you are left feeling overly confident about your independence at times.

Exhibit A: The haircut.
Now it's not that I haven't tried to cut my hair before. Those that know me realize there are a couple of things that just terrify me, such as:

1) getting haircuts
2) buying shoes, and
3) returning items to a store

And when I mean terrify, I don't mean "oh-yeah-that-sucksss" type of terrifying where you just feel a great *DISLIKE* for these things. I remember one time I bought a pair of converse all-stars at the mall and was so petrified I had made the wrong decision that I walked around with them on at the mall in a cold sweat, building up a level of panic so frightening that I became delusional. "Were they too tight? Too loose? Not enough padding? Too expensive? Too cheap? How long would they last? Too stiff? Wrong color? What's with the laces? I can't stand these laces!!! Is the sole made out of paper? I can feel every pebble on the ground through it! Is it my socks? Are they too thick? Not thick enough??? ARRRGGH!!!" I imagined everyone at the mall was snickering and whispering to each other about my shoes, and they were all conspiring to find out the most effective method of embarrassing me. It was unbearable, so I caved and returned them. Buying shoes is always the worst because it involves #2 AND possibly #3 above.

But as for haircuts, I will say I exaggerate a little. I don't really mind them so much - I'm just too lazy to go to the barber. I'm always frustrated because I pay for a haircut I don't like at first, and then overtime it grows in and looks the same as it always does. I figure I might as well be frustrated AND save some money, so I try to cut my own hair... But as you can see, cutting the hair in the back is really, really, *really* hard. Especially without a mirror.

It's been a few weeks since I cut it though, so now it's starting to grow in. And you know what? It looks exactly the same again, no different than if I had gone to "Sal the barber" or "Ricky Romano the hair stylist". The patches have grown in. Hair is like grass that way.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

that junk is tiiiiight! "rachel, it's a really bad haircut, whoa-oh!"

remember when you bought the NSSs? those were nice.

zirafa says:

NSS shoes really, really suck. I don't recommend them at all. Even the free keychain that came with the shoes broke. (why they figure people that buy shoes need a keychain beats me)

hatemyshoes (not verified) says:

yeah. NSS's suck big ones.